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Related article: Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 00:21:11 +0000 From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 52"Adventures of Tray and Jay 52"PART 52: COLONIAL BOYSSometimes I get an idea stuck in my head and I just can't shake it out, which is what happened the other day when my pal Chet dropped by and we wrestled on the living room floor and got all hot and sweaty and worked up. That's how it started, okay. It was too hot to stay indoors so, big old boners and all, we raced to the Jeep like a couple of little boys and then had to sit there breathless and giggly wondering where to go. And I'd been thinking about that drive my big bro and I took out to the country, and that weird thing that went down, that we both agreed to write off as a shared hallucination, Shy Lolita I think is what Tray called it. Only, I can't shake it, like I said.I told Chet about it when it happened, and he laughed, naturally. Who wouldn't. I'd hold Chetster down and make him tell me what kind of pills he took, seriously, if he ever told a tale that tall. By the way, I dig being able to hold him down now! But it seemed so real! The crazy thing with the red lights, how the regular highway turned into a dirt road, and of course the boys! My God! They couldn't have been bogus! I can still feel their firm brotherly bodies and rock hard dicks! Then there was their old man, who wasn't old at allAnyway, I had to go back and see what happened. That's just me, okay. Curious Jay. So I started driving, with Chet all the time trying to get in my pants, and he actually did Shy Lolita it, the little bastard! Got a hand in, anyway, which when it's Chet's hand is plenty. That boy knows how to give hand, I'm telling you! Slow and soft at first, toying with my huge round head, using the lube he makes come out all over the place to work my shaft good and nasty! Then he senses something in me, okay, a change, a quiver, whateverthefuck, and his fist tightens around my swelling prick and he speeds up and chuckles Shy Lolita that super- dirty way he likes to doAnd then, right when I swerve Jeep onto the old highway out of town, Chet pumps me so crazy and furious that when I nut off the first spurt is all over the wheel and my hands, and I'm all over the road, and fortunately no one's around! Each jack of my best pal's hand sends me into a totally new orgasm, no shit! And my grunts are keeping pace"UH! GHH! OOF! AW! FU! CK!" And so on, because I don't stop for a while once I start spewing my load, no way! Finally when Chet is still down there jerking my pole and making me all the way spaz off because of the spunk he's using to stroke up and down my spent cock, and I'm almost hyperventilating from the shock of it all, Chet sighs and slides closer and goes to licking all of my teenage mess off my tank top and neck and chin and all over the fucking place! Then he kisses me soft and tender which makes me have to turn my face sideways without letting my eyes off the road, but it was worth it, I'm telling you. Chet tastes so hot and manly, and my seed on his tongue is so cool!"Hey, we're almost there, man!" I shouted into his mouth, and he sat back and looked around, alarmed."Where? What?" he said, looking around fast."Where the time thing happened with me and Tray."Chet groaned and settled into his seat and squeezed his big boner through his shorts. "Right," is all he said. I looked over and saw the disbelief as he shook his cute, fuzzy, two-tone head. Two-tones, by the way, still make me funny in the head."No, I swear, Chet! It was right around here somewhere, only, Tray was drivingand the sky and everything turned redand then the regular road was gone""And there was this dirt road, I know, yeah, yeah, yeah." Chet was making fun of me! I couldn't believe it. I didn't say anything, and neither did he, which was fine with me because if he wanted to be a big dickhead and not trust his best friend in the worldThat's when it happened again! The red thing! But this time my eyes were wide open, and so were Chet's, and I felt him grab my arm and gasp. Just as fast as it came, it was gone, only, so was the highway again! But this place was different. Last time it was like the same part of the world, at least, only way back. This wasn't familiar at all. There were big, thick trees all around, and from the colors of the leaves I'd say it was Fall. Which it wasn't where we just came from."What the hell, Jay? What is this?""I told you," I croaked. I pulled Jeep off the road and parked behind some thick bushes. We got out, legs shaking. I guess I didn't all the way believe it, myself, until then. We both heard it at the same time, a steady, rhythmic thumping, and I don't know, but it scared me. Then Chet hit my shoulder hard and pointed forward, down the road, and out of the forest was someonecrawling! Hurt and crawling, and hehad abuddy, I guess, coming up behind, trying to pick him up, both of them scared bad, only, the one behind was hurt, too, about to drop.Not a word was said between us, Chet and I just hauled ass down the road, and it took a minute. When we got close the one on foot � who was about 15 with dirty, matted blond hair, and half-starved � anyway, out of nowhere he had this long-ass fucking RIFLE pointed at us! The old kind, a musket. He leveled it on us, and there's no doubt he was ready to pull the trigger. Chet and I stopped in our tracks and put our hands up."Chill, man, we're friends!" I said, and the standing boy squinted, bleary-eyed with exhaustion."STATE YOUR LOYALTY!" he screamed, so I shushed him with a finger over my lip, but he added, "HURRY! IF YOU'RE WITH THEM" and he cocked both his head backward and the hammer on the rifle at the same time "PREPARE TO"Well, right then the poor kid almost fainted, and the huge-ass long barrel of the rifle went up, and Chet took it from him faster than I could see, and the kid on his feet fell backward. What was going on? There was no time to think. I knelt and got my arms under the dude on his knees � who was skinny and dirty with brown, wavy hair filled with twigs and leaves and shit � and he was armed the same way, with another musket on the ground, and I slung him over my shoulder and picked up his rifle. Chet did the same with the other, and we got our butts into the woods A.S.A.P.! No shit! The thumping was getting close.After we ran as far as we could with a teenager over each of our backs, which isn't easy even for a couple of big studs like Chet and I, we stopped and lay out our new acquaintances on the soft leaves of the forest. It was getting real chilly. We set the rifles aside and kneeled by the boys, who were on their sides. Chet looked at me in horror and pointed."Dude, you're bleeding!" he said, and I looked, and there was blood all over me. I freaked and felt myself and tore off my shirt, but I was fine, soI turned my boy over onto his back, and there was a dark, red, wet mess all over his tattered shirt, so I opened it and saw a filthy patch over his right shoulder with a nasty bruise all around it. I peeled it off because it looked old, and there was a small, round hole in his skin that looked like it reopened. I used my shirt to put pressure on it, and the kid's face winced, but he was out, at least."LEAVE YOUR HANDS OFF MY FRIEND!" the other one suddenly shouted and tried to get to his feet, except Chet pinned him and put a hand over his mouth. Chet leaned super close to the dude and almost screamed in his ear"WHATISYOURNAME?"When Chet removed his hand and wiped it on his leg, the other boy, who was terrified, said more softly, "Are you with the King?""No?" Chet said, his precious, thick eyebrows furrowing, and the tense head of the boy beneath him crashed back to the ground in relief. He closed his eyes and licked his lips."The area's crawling with Redcoats, you see," the boy whispered, his eyes darting nervously at the thought. "I'm Nathanhehehe's Alistair, mymymy best friend."It was all Nathan could do to spit it out, so Chet got off the poor kid and gave him a hand up, at least to his knees, where he settled with his hands on his thighs, his chest rising and falling rapidly."Chet," said my pal and offered his hand to Nathan again. Nathan shook it gently, still a tad unsure of things. He peered closely at Chet's clothes, then mine."I'm Jay," I nodded and stole a peek at Chet, who met my eyes a sec, obviously as baffled as I was."Where are you fellows from?" Nathan wondered out loud."Down the road a ways," I answered, not so sure."Charleston?" Nathan brightened visibly. That's when I placed the hot Southern accent. It always makes my dick hard to hear a boy with that sexy antebellum thing in his voice, and since I had a warm one under me, between my legs, well, fuck, my bad boy lost it! I saw out the corner of my eye that Chet was grinning. The prick can always tell when I'm hot and bothered."Not exactly," Chet answered for me, and I heard the horse whinny but didn't think anything of it until Nathan lunged for Chet and wrapped his arms around my husky buddy and took him down hard! Right on top of Nathan, which had to hurt, I know, because I've had it happen to me, only, as everyone who knows me knows, I dig the hell out of a ball-cruncher! Any time, anywhere!"Shhhh!" Nathan warned us, his arm around Chet and his body pressed firmly and quite unshyly up to Chetster's rear. Chet's eyes closed, and one hand went back to Nathan's hip, but Nathan's eyes were bugged out in horror. "Redcoats!" Nathan growled, low like a spooked dog.I lay beside Alistair, who was out cold, and felt his heart beating slowly through his back under my hand. Suddenly, in the distance, I saw dust rise from the road, and I swear to God, a company of men in red Revolutionary War outfits rode by on HORSES! I was too dumbstruck to talk. Behind the small company on horseback came lots of raggedy men on foot, but all of them marching and in the same kind of red coats, with muskets over their shoulders. They were all beat to hell, bloodstained bandages over their heads, arms in slings, you know.We waited about 15 minutes for them to pass, and then we breathed again. I could hear it, all of taking that breath together. Even Alistair sighed. I realized my hardon was long gone! I rolled onto my back and looked over at Nathan and swallowed hard."Humor me, man, butwhat year is it?" I asked timidly. Nathan smiled for the first time."That explains everything!" he said happily. "You've had a little head wound, have you?""Yeah," I nodded sickly."Well, it's""Seventeen eighty-two," Alistair finished very softly, still face-down on the forest floor. I automatically patted his wavy hair that all the way covered the back of his neck. I pulled a burr out while I was at it."August," Nathan grinned and cast loving eyes on his wounded friend. "We just had a little skirmish, although they say they're negotiating a treaty. Ally was shot a few days before the skirmish." Chet's eyes went bigger than mine! "We never even saw anyone. Out of clear blue skies, BANG-BANG!" I jumped from the unexpected ferociousness of it, not to mention the horror! "When Ally dropped, I thought my life was over."Alistair chuckled and then tensed in pain, turning sideways with it until his hands gripped his belly. Nathan was there in a heartbeat, stroking the other boy gingerly, powerlessly."You'll be alright, Ally," he tried to be of comfort. "I promise. I won't let any harm come to you now we've made it this far. We're almost there. It's over for us. They're running back to King George with their tails between their legs, boy!"But I was watching Nathan's eyes as he said the words, and they were green and pretty as hell behind the dirty, blond bangs that tried to hide them, and I saw he wasn't so sure. He took a deep breath and looked up to me, busted, then shyly over to Chet, who grinned stupidly."We were on our way home already when they hurt him," Nathan said, shaking his head, dazed. Then, "I think we had better go back the way we came, for now," Nathan decided, "but only a short ways to a nice place where we can camp the night and clean up a little.""But-but Alistair needs a doctor!" I objected lamely."Oh, no, he's seen the doctor already, such as there was," Nathan seemed actually to believe it was cool as he said it. "Now he needs rest and cleaning up and sleep. Yes. Plenty of sleep." Nathan was putting himself to sleep with his own words, and Chet grabbed his shoulders as he began to sag over Alistair.I picked up Alistair and tried to be gentle as I slung the poorly fed dude over a shoulder. I had no choice but to put my hand on his ass to hold on, and the awful monster in my shorts came back to life. Even if the kid really smelled bad! I don't think he'd had a bath in weeks! But it wasn't his fault. I really, really wanted to scrub him clean myself. I'm bad, I admit Shy Lolita it, but not as bad as Chet boy can get."You, uh, you want me to carry you?" he offered Nathan, who made a face and pushed at the air in punctuation."Don't be silly, my wounds healed already, as will Ally's," he said sweetly, far too sweetly for the awful jolt the revelation had on me. I was older, so much bigger and I thought way more worldly than these boys, but to be torn from home and family and friends and thrown into a bloody conflict that you choose to fight in because of your beliefsI doubted myself for the first time in years. These were little boys, and I liked to think myself a man, but I wonder if I could take being shot as bravely!Anyway, we headed off, deeper into the woods, Chet and Nathan up front and me with firm young Alistair soon heavier than he seemed. I broke out in a bad sweat after only ten minutes. Another ten and my legs got hot and numb. I thought I was hearing things when the water sounds faded in. Maybe all that drove me onward was the tickle of Alistair's weak fingers on the slick small of my back. Even under the strain, THAT made my pecker jump to!After 30 minutes of lugging the kid, my lungs were catching fire and breath came raggedly. My nose was running all over the place but everywhere else was dry as hell, especially my throat. But something weird had happened. I felt Shy Lolita like Alistair and I had kind of bonded or something. I mean, I never carried anyone like that before, and I still didn't like the idea of him not going to the hospitaloh, yeah! There wasn't really any choice, was there?Then I saw a beautiful, wide stream through the trees and could almost smell the water! Chet came back and tried to take Alistair from me but I held on tighter and grunted and made some animal sound that caused my pal to pull back and hold his palms up to me in surrender or whatever!"Here," Nathan grunted and indicated a place Shy Lolita for me to put his friend. I bent to one knee slowly, nearly every ounce of my strength used up, and carefully eased Alistair down and onto his back. When I tried to Shy Lolita stand again, I swear my feet left the ground! I was flying! My arms went up beside me, and it felt so good! Especially when Chet came up behind me for some reason and grabbed me and held on tight, like I was going to fall or something! Hell, no, I was cool!"Easy, buddy, easy," Chet said in my ear, I thought, but then I was looking up at Chet's and Nathan's faces! I was on my back, and when I turned my head I saw Alistair staring me in the face from where I put him!"Whatthefuck!" I croaked, and Nathan ran off while Chet made me furious grinning down at me! I'm telling you, when Chet cracked up, if Nathan hadn't come back right then and tossed that water in my face, well, there'd've been trouble, okay. Trouble. But then he put something to my lips and I acted like a crazy man sucking on it! Really! I mean if he'd let me have more than a tiny sip, which he did after a minute, then more, til I drank every drop. Best damn water a man ever drank!I thought maybe I was dead in Heaven from what happened next. As I lay there on my back, my head in Chet's strong hands, Nathan stripped off his shirt, and the sunlight behind him shoved the sparse hairs under his arms as the filthy cloth cleared his head. Then he dropped his trousers and kicked off his shoes and was down to these long, thin underpants, I guess you call them. Through the fabric I saw a small dark patch of hair and the outline of a slender cock that was totally limp."Hurry, get out of those clothes so we can clean up and fetch dinner!" Nathan said with a serious face, so I stood slowly and got naked fast. Chet did, too, and I think it startled Nathan because he stood there gaping at us in our natural, young manly splendor. He still had those underclothes whatever on, okay, and my pal and I both saw the tenting going on down below. More like flapping! Chet's and my dicks went rock hard in an instant! "Wellyou mean you're not going to wear anything in the water?" the shocked little dude asked us. We shook our heads. "Wellwhat am I"I closed with the slim beauty and did the honors myself, and the six-inch woody that flapped hard against that boy's belly seemed to make his face go totally red! Before he covered it up with his grimy hands!"We've seen boners before, Nathan," Chet said, much to the kid's relief. "What about your boy here?" Chet nodded to Alistair, who was not only conscious but just as curious as his bigger buddy."I answer for myself, thank you," Alistair said boldly. "Of course I'll join you. Give me a moment to"But Chet and I kneeled on either side of him and eased the bloody shirt up over his head. I had to feel the downy, damp hair of his pits as his arms were raised and Chet finished, and Alistair looked at me a little funny but let it go. Then Chet took off the tattered shoes and I unbuttoned the pants. My sensitive fingers felt a stirring beneath the thin cloth, and I noticed also that Alistair was looking at me nervously, even though all three of the rest of us had ragers on!I tugged on his pants until he lifted his narrow butt up, and then with a single yank I exposed the same flimsy kind of underclothes, only, his had a big wet stain off to the side of his hip where the head of his throbbing penis had made a little mess! My hand took mine involuntarily and stroked it, which made Alistair's jump faster. I looked in his scared hazel eyes and let go of my bone, but not in time to stop a long clear stream of my man juice from dripping down to the bare, pale skin above the underpants.Everyone saw it. No one said a word.I undressed Alistair the rest of the way, which he seemed to appreciate, if only to cover what happened. What did happen? His face said it all. After the horrors of war, this was too much! Nathan helped me lift Alistair to his feet, and together we guided him to the river's edge and tested the water with our feet. Not exactly warm, so we plunged in and gasped together, all four of us naked in the fall stream.I took Alistair on my own and carefully washed him as Chet and Nathan watched at first. Finally Chet got his head together and dunked Nathan, and as they pushed and shoved playfully I set to work cleaning Alistair thoroughly. I sat him down in the shallow part and kneeled by him and started with his head. I had to make do with what I had, which included no soap, so I made his hair soaking wet and then ran my fingers through the thick brownness, which gradually loosened as all kinds of shit came out. Next I moved closer, straddling his thin legs until my big, hairy balls nestled against his smaller, baby smooth walnuts. My dick flapped his chest. He looked at me, totally unsure, and seemed to surrender the decision to me. I scrubbed his back, pressing against his firm youthful front side, and heard him moan a few times when he couldn't help himself.When I settled back down so my ass was on my heels, the others were watching again. I moved off of Alistair and lifted him until he was up on his knees, and then I stroked one taut thigh of Alistair's, then the other, loving every bob of his totally aroused boyhood. Chet stood up in front of Nathan, and with natural wonder Nathan began to copy my movements on Chet.At last I let my fingers stray to the beautiful nuts just inches from my face. Alistair groaned and spazzed and nearly fell, but I wrapped my arms around him and found my face mashed into his privates! Alistair lost it and wailed, which brought his best friend running, but then Nathan saw where my face was and stopped cold."We should find some dinner before it starts to get dark," Nathan's husky, uncertain, teenage voice broke in, but Alistair's hands took my head instinctively while his hips bucked into my face. I groaned totally faggy in pleasure and closed my eyes. I heard fast splashing, then Alistair pulled away from me fast, and when my eyes opened again Nathan was yanking his buddy away, and totally against the younger kid's will. I stood and stroked my meat slowly, absently, as the Colonial boys disappeared back to camp."Woa, boy," advised my pal, Chet. Shy Lolita He closed with me and took me in his strong arms and planted a big wet one on my mouth, but I needed so much more right then! Damn, was I riled! I started to go down on Chet but he grabbed my shoulders. "Wait, man. Come on. You know they're ours, it's only a matter of time!""That's the problem, dude."Back at camp, Nathan was dressed again and playing with a nasty-assed knife while his suddenly colder eyes nevertheless sparkled menacingly across the few yards Shy Lolita between us. Alistair had pulled on his undergarment thing, which flapped in front from the overheated piece of meat it couldn't ever hope to contain. Alistair sat with his back to a tree, his eyes glued sulkily to the forest floor."I'll be back with dinner directly, Ally," Nathan said as forcefully as his extreme youth allowed, and Alistair only pursed his lips and shrugged. Then Nathan glared at me and reluctantly moved away, looking back over his shoulder as he went. When he was out of sight, I sat by Alistair, who still stared at the dirt."Nathan's just jealous, dude," I said gently. "He doesn't like seeing anyone touch you that way because he's never been able to himself, maybe � because he loves you." Alistair looked up then, startled. I nodded. "Yeah. He loves you more than he knows how to say."Chet sat quietly the other side of the panting young guy. I reached out and slowly massaged Alistair's throbbing bulge until he quickly made these hot, choking sounds! Then my hand slipped under the flimsy garment and tormented the boy even more, but he gripped my wrist fiercely."No!" he seemed to beg me. "I can't! I never heard of this thing you're doing to me, and Nathan says not to, so I can't!"I couldn't take much more. I swallowed and licked my lips and looked at Chet, who leaned across to me and took the back of my head in one hand and pulled me to his lips, which covered mine."OH!" Alistair gasped in shock. Chet and I got up on our knees and started going at it over the boy, groping and smooching and all, and without warning Chet bent over Alistair's bouncing crotch and sucked my big cock down his talented throat. "Holy SMOKE!" Chet sucked me good and slow, teasing my nuts with his soft fingers as I watched Alistair's amazed expressions. Mostly he bit his lip so hard he almost drew blood!"This right here, boy, what my pal is doing to me?" I said, panting. "This is just a hint of what I want to do to youyouUUUUUUUNGHHHHHHHH!"My back flexed and my legs spazzed tight to the cramping point and my Chetster took me all the way off over the excited and frightened youth below us! I slammed my dick all the way down Chet's throat and rocketed off loads and loads of wild jiz to the steady, matching slurping noises Chet made swallowing every drop.When I was spent and my eyes opened again, there was a huge, dark puddle of sticky boy juice under Alistair's spazzing peter that was still trapped. He looked at me, then Chet, and gasped, "Youyou DRANK it?" Chet grinned and swallowed again and nodded, then leaned over to the kid and kissed him sweetly on the forehead. We both patted Alistair on the head and leaned back on our heels.I glanced off in the distance and saw Nathan standing there staring, a couple of big, dead rabbits in either hand. He walked back slowly, silently, sullenly, and set to making a little fire. Then, with a flash of anger, he threw one rabbit at Alistair and proceeded to rip open the other with his knife. As Chet and I watched in horror, the boys skinned and prepared the rabbits for cooking, finally skewering the poor bunnies with sticks that they sharpened at the end.No one said a word until we had eaten, which was a long while later, and suddenly Alistair leaned forward and shouted, "Stop it!" Nathan still tried to sulk, but he turned red, too. Alistair got slowly to his knees and crawled over to his best friend and sat back on his heels before him, and when he took Nathan's head in his own little hands something caught in my throat. Nathan waited, totally unsure of himself, and then Alistair did it. He kissed his friend on the lips! They both made soft, wet whimpering sounds, and Alistair pressed on, moving forward as Nathan went backward all the way! With Alistair on top! Their arms were around each other and they were making out in the forest before our eyes!Alistair's back arched, and suddenly he crawled up to Nathan's face and tugged out his hot, smooth, 6" boner and Shy Lolita made his friend eat it! Nathan's eyes went wide but real glossy and overjoyed. Alistair pumped it in and out a few times and shrieked, and as he spurted his cream into his pal, Nathan gulped and choked it all down, after a while losing it and blowing his nose out onto Alistair's thin, light brown pubes and flat belly!Thoroughly spent, Alistair grinned and pulled his cock out of his buddy's mouth with a nasty ploop and lay down on top of the other boy again, kissing, but this time tasting himself on his friend and savoring every part of it! They sucked face like that as Chet and I gawked, our erections at attention.But it wasn't long before our urges overwhelmed us, and we sauntered over to the boys, who were lost in each other's fuzzy embraces. I kind of prodded Alistair off his buddy, and as soon as Nathan was exposed, Chet was on him! All over him! At first Nathan was spooked by the big dude taking him so forcefully, but he got the hang of it fast. When his arms slid around Chet's wide back, I looked down on Alistair, whose soft eyes stared up into mine. Our boners ground into each other. I tasted his mouth, which was open and ready to receive me, but my tongue was a little too much for the kid so I forced myself to take it easy.I mean, I TRIED, okay? But with my tongue back in my mouth, my knees had nowhere to go but forward, driving Alistair's legs back so my cock had a clear shot at his vulnerable rear. I guess he'd heard tell of shit like this because"Uh, wait," Alistair said, but I was on my way down already, my face sniffing at his prickly skin and finally my nose burying itself in his ass! The boy wailed!"You alright, Ally?" Nathan gasped, because out the corner of my eye I could see Chet sucking on his very large prick and it made Nathan kind ofwell, out of it! Way out. Alistair gave no reply, except for grunts, and I went to eating the hot dude out. His hands gripped my head, and he gave it all up to me then. There comes a time when a man knows a boy's butt is his, and right then I knew Alistair's was waiting for me to take it. But I was in no hurry."OHHHAAAHHHHHH!" Nathan cut loose, and Chet's head was all the way down his pole! I watched Chet's throat bobbing to the throbbing of a load of cherry cream, and my pal's closed eyes were happy, his face flushed with pleasure, soft growling escaping his masculine throat, a fine sheen of sweat all over his flexing body. Nathan, I guess, was out cold from the shock of it! His mouth was wide open but nothing could get out! His back arched off the ground, his legs splayed and shivering, his arms out to his sides in surrender! FUCKING HOT!So I pulled on my dude's cheeks to make his crack go wider for me, and when it did I forced my tongue in there"Oh-oh-oh-oh, YESSSSSJAYYYYYY!" went the boy who'd gone to war for his beliefs and got shot for his troubles as I did my damnedest to reward him the best I knew how! I mean, he tasted so good! He was panting hard, out of breath, when I raised my head and crawled forward and felt his legs cling to my bigger body as we joined. I kissed him lovingly on the mouth with my eyes open so I could watch it on his face, the recognition of his own taste off me, plus my own funky aroma and flavor! Shit, yeah. His little smile told it all.I hawked a wad into my palm and jacked the monster fast, before the boy could really get his wits together and think better, and then I saw Chet was already at it with Nathan! I mean it, too, Chet, was balling that kid! And Nathan dug it better than anything thus far in his young-assed life! Chet was banging Nathan's butt so hard the shock waves could be felt in Charleston! You know how hard that is! Don't lie! LIAR!Well, if I had any control at all, it was gone with the image of my best pal boinking that stud boy's brains out on the forest floor! I put it straight into Alistair, whose eyes flew open. His mouth went into a big, shocked circle, his eyes bugged out, his whole handsome face instantaneously red from the unexpected invasion from the south! But there could be no retreat now, not from me or him, and I bombarded his tight butthole ferociously!Okay, I'm here to tell you, the best part is seeing the whole beautiful thing unfold on their faces. Like how it went on Alistair's. First the wincing died down slowly, then there was this surprise that he could actually take such a horror, then the first ray of pleasure, and finally it just exploded in total joyous acceptance that he, Alistair, a boy, could actually get cornholedAND LIKE IT! That was when Alistair opened his eyes, to see how I was liking it, and you know I was! I was dripping sweat all over the place, it was so damn muggy in those parts!I humped him and kissed him and we giggled together, both of us little boys, and we turned our heads sideways together to see what all the commotion was about beside us. Turned out Shy Lolita Nathan had cum all over his front side, stretched from his bouncing cock all over the place, but his hands were still out to the sidesso I guess Chet fucked that boy past the gates of endurance! And Chet was still flying, only he looked close to losing it, and before our own over-riled faces Chet cut loose and choked out the longest, most guttural release of passionate manliness I ever did see! He planted his big tool up Nathan's behind and wrapped his arms around Nathan's straight legs and belted his load into that clamped hole!It was too much, is all. Seeing the climax of their lovemaking and feeling Alistair's anus quivering uncontrollably in anticipation beneath me, around me, well, hell, I went for it! I lay down on top of Alistair so our chests were pressed slick together and our teeth ground dangerously and my hips went faster and faster but in shorter and shorter thrusts until that boy warmth flooded me from my groin outward! My head went delirious. My nuts churned and exploded. My spit blew into Alistair and his back into me. My seed blasted into him forever, and he knew it. Because his sweet little mouth bit at my lips and sucked on them in ecstasy.Our hearts beat out of Shy Lolita control into each other's chests, but I was blind for a while. When my vision cleared, I saw Alistair was still gone, and Chet and Nathan watched us from their own happy clump. It takes a while to calm down from that kind of heat, okay. I just kept my dick in my boy but lay on my side with him in front and my around warm around him firm, smooth teenage body. I guess I dozed like that.When I woke up, the others were sitting around the fire, half-dressed and talking softly. I remembered Chet and I still had to find our way home. I wanted to take our new friends! But they had to have homes waiting. Everyone was quiet as I stood reluctantly and pulled on my Speedos. Our new buddies stared at my Speedos, and I realized they'd never seen anything like them. Then again, they'd never seen a lot of things before we came along!It was a quiet night after that, but later in the evening Alistair reached up and pulled my head down to his and whispered in my ear."Do you think I can talk Nathan into doing that to me?" he wondered sincerely."Oh, yeah," I chuckled wickedly back to him. "But not tonight."
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